Science Behind Miracles(The Universal Feedback Loop Theory)

This write-up comes at a time when I have qualified my Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) from my branch that is Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE). If you wanna know more About GATE, please check the wiki page.

Which sorts of ensures my technical knowledge required for this particular write-up 🙂 .‘Science behind Miracles’ isnt’it? (Devotee testimonials -: )

Been a spiritual researcher. Possessing a logical/technical mind nothing has intrigued me more than Mohanji’s Miracles. Believe me!!!

Reading devotees testimonials always mind-boggled me. Vibhooti manifestations, Mohanji physically manifesting hither and thither, making evil eyes manifest in fire, burning karmas on himself. WOW!!! How does he do it?

Miracles how are they governed? Miracles are they hallucinations, mind’s projections hence illusions? If one sees a‘M’ forming on a mountain or his idol. What is it? Just because one has this inclination or expectation of a miracle only then miracles happen?  I mean how does he do it? (What are miracles?)

Are we experiencing miracles because mind is expecting them?  What is the reason behind it? When one starts to analyse things like that. Analyze miracles. Intellect begins to operate.

Whenever there is analysis there is intellect working. When our intellect operates there is this constant analysis of things. Faith takes a backseat and intellect begins to operate. Once our intellect holds sway everything in reality becomes a projection of one’s analysis.

Intellect begins to look for a pattern- ‘a repetitive pattern.’ No one can frame up a theory without identifying the underlying mechanisms behind the phenomenon disclosed by a pattern. Once a pattern is identified framing up of theories happen. To prove a theory one needs an experiment. The success and failure of a theory depends on that one experiment.

Most importantly a theory must also be in tune with all the other previously proven theories.

Approaching thus I first of all started to look for a pattern behind all those miracles. And I got it ! A seeming pattern which bonded together every miracle ever done by Mohanji. Giving rise to ‘The Universal Feedback Loop Theory.’

Wow! I was so excited. It was like a ‘Buddha plus Eureka’ moment for me. Coz, somehow I thought I connected science with spirituality. But guess what? Lol please do read till the end.

First my theory-:

According to the universal feedback loop theory. A disciple/devotee creates his own reality through surrender. As and when one surrenders he/she connects with the universal consciousness. Once in synchronization with the universal consciousness(represented by a true Guru connected with the source). The divine will manifests through the person. The universal consciousness now operates ‘through the person’.  ‘Surrender’ brings one in synchronization with the universe. Guru representing the universal consciousness answers, as and when the intentions happens.

Proceeding in a flowchart manner-:
Intention happens –> If surrendered to a true guru –> the intention manifests through a true guru been in sync with the source a true guru is able to provide answers. Which kind of explains his on the spot answering. In fact Mohanji himself does say that ‘He does nothing.’

So, in fact a GURU does nothing. As claimed by Mohanji himself. It is the disciple who does everything. A disciple can distort physical reality by surrendering. I did even frame up a block diagram for the same.

Universal Feedback Loop Block Diagram
Universal Feedback Loop Block Diagram

This is just a technical understanding through a block diagram. (a way of understanding)

Devotees Intentions plus Mohanji coupled(multiplied) with universe results in a Miracle .

Response is a ‘Miracle’. Excitation been ‘Devotees Intentions with Non-Expectancy.’

Ok, those who are the technical guys reading the blog may know how feed back mechanisms work. Now simply speaking, If Mohanji is deleted from the loop let us say that Mohanji is only used as a unity feedback. Then factually Mohanji really will do nothing. Coz, it is the universe and the devotee in direct interrelationship. NO NEED OF MOHANJI so to say. A disciple is creating his own reality. Through Intentions. Let us prove our assumption by taking real life case studies. (do have a fleeting look 🙂 )
Relating to the above post, when an intention happens a person who is surrendered to the universal consciousness represented by a guru creates his/her reality as he/she becomes the universe at that point of time. Which may explain the timely guidances automatically provided to a devotee. A devotee is manifesting his/her reality through surrender. So going by the block diagram the universe plus the devotee create Miracles !!! No need of a GURU…  It is the devotee who does all the job and not the guru… This theory was so apt that it kind of explained each and every miracle conveyed in the miracle sharing blog…

Check it out yourself pick anyone of the testimonial and apply the UFLT theory. It will fit.

On top of that the theory was in sync with the ‘power of creation or manifestation’ advocated and taught by many new age spiritualists. Most of the new age spiritual gurus share some common traits in their preachings… like… Most of them revolving around “You can create your own reality or manifest things just by having an intentions… And Lo and behold the Universe provides… Hallelejuiah!!!”

It was a breakthrough achieved by me. I needed explanations and my theory provided just that.

Ok, in order to apply my theory in the real time(a theory is a theory unless it’s experimented upon) I needed a miracle myself. Therefore, construing up a situation I proceeded on to test my theory. Involving a very important decision a life changing one even.(a life decision actually)

And guess what happened?
Well, the theory failed miserably Miracle lol I had such a harrowing experience instead which totally busted up my analytical mind. I(Analytical mind) was like completely destroyed. It can only be compared to a nice strong kick on my ass by Guruji once again. Boy was I pissed by the experience!!!

Even after I conveyed my experience through a message he says
M: Do you feel like running away from me now?
I was like What to say?!

Its like chasing a guy with a stick in hand and then asking him the reason as to why he is running!!!

MY Universal Feedback Loop Theory received a massive SETBACK!!!

My months of constant analysis scientific, technical and spiritual contemplation was now down the drain.

I have framed up many theories(to understand Miracles) in the past but this was like the ultimate one. A last good attempt in fact. With its epic failure(an epic lesson actually) I totally raise my arms of intellect in understanding Mohanji’s Miracles.

Here’s what Mji says-:
Intellect is too strong. Analysys alienates from truth and makes intellect stronger. Mind is happy. It gives more fuel. It triggers ego. This is a vicious cycle

Conclusion with this experience-:

Theories like these may fetch one accolades or a good literary fodder for one’s mind. Framing theories discussing about them may gratify one’s ego. It may also generate doership wherein ego becomes the driver.  Converting such theories publishing them may even generate money!!!
Making presentations out of it then conducting workshops may even serve as a ‘ sound business opportunity’.

Even you know I can do that with my theory as well, let us create a logo and start a cult 😀 . Sell some merchandise with this logo on clothes, T-Shirts, mugs and all. Earn some money so to say.

The UFLT Logo ;)
The UFLT Logo 😉

See. Easy.

That’s exactly what new-age spiritualists of today are doing.

Presenting theories, concepts, marketing them, garnishing them and making them appetizing for the mind to feed upon. Sprinkling then with buzzwords such as ‘Quantum’ , ‘Vibrations’, ‘Resonance’ etcetera.  It works as well people receive an audience for such kind of theories. Mine may not be so good though.

Moreover, If the theory backfires in any case. Like, What if the ‘desired object’ never materializes? How to explain it?  I have a very good excuse even for that. Which is- YOUR INTENTION WASN’T STRONG ENOUGH!!! The exact same excuse given in all the ‘manifesting miracles’ and ‘creating Abundance’ workshops when manifestations never happen. Held up by some new age spiritualists.

Minds of millions get entertained. And the guy/gal reach a celebrity status or a ‘spiritual guru’ label within no time.

They Deliver concepts with no personal experience. Concepts further entangle one’s mind.

A true guru on the other hand only gives experiences coupled with simple teachings. We don’t like simple things mind craves complexity.

More the complexity of a theory more is one’s credibility as a spiritual guru.

No matter how convincing a theory is ultimately its just a load of BULLSHIT. Nothing Else.

Science behind miracles-: Well, there  is no science its only Faith. Case closed.

I think I can only comment on miracles when I myself start doing some. It’s futile asking Mohanji though. Coz everything happens in its own time 😉 .

Furthermore those who still think they might have another theory a better one to explain miracles. Before going full throttle. Please ask this to yourself-:
Can I manifest vibhootis like Mohanji does?
Can I physically teleport myself at will like Mohanji does?
Until then sorry to say your intellect is working and you are just spurting out BULLSHIT!!!  Sounds Logical enough isn’t it?

I am thankful to Guruji again for ‘Kick-Starting’ me once more. For bringing me back to the real world. Detaching me from mind’s projections. For making me realize the futility of analysis and consequent vicious cycle. (intellect-analysis-ego->minds projections)

A Vicious Cycle.
A Vicious Cycle.

Being a disciple ain’t easy though. It’s not like I always get to travel here and there with guruji, sometimes i do have appalling experiences as well. Experiences i would not like to convey. Coz, they may disturb people who like to have a comfort zone.

Still, speaking from a higher perspective nothing is good or bad. Everything is an experience leading oneself towards complete dissolution.

This particular experience dawned in me realizations concerning the strategies implemented by some New-Age Spiritualists it also throws light upon how analysis gives rise to mind’s projections making us aware of our intellect’s workings. Also, how to identify those who sell concepts and those who impart experiences. Concepts will never elevate they may fetch huge sums of money though 😀 . So Be-aware 🙂 !

Prostrations at the lotus feet of my guru Mohanji for imparting me this experience…
Thank you for your time.
In oneness we exist _/\_
Love Always


Happy Birthday Mohanji (Merudanda Idol Experience) !!!

My first blogpost for the year 2015. Edited the ‘ About’ section. Since I am a year older now 🙂 . And with this experience I may call myself a ‘Spiritual graduate’ 😀 coincidentally I am gonna complete my B.Tech as well(this is my last semester). Wow a year which brings ‘total liberation’ for me 😀 😀 :D. This post was supposed to be a only ‘Happy B’day Mohanji’ post but some recent experiences withheld me from doing so.

Before sharing the experience, firstly I shall heartily welcome our ‘new’ Mohanji family members ❤ (hope you all enjoy the blog) . Coz our family is growing at a freakish pace really. All thanks to the ‘Mohanji effect’ comprising of those ‘out of the world’ , totally unbelievable miracles(Science of which I will unveil in my next blogpost) coupled with his living every word he teaches, might be some reasons behind soaring popularity of our Guruji Mohanji 🙂 .

For those reading my blog for the very first time. Please check out the about section.
Why am i doing these posts? Well…
My blogpost is a service at the lotus feet of my master Mohanji. My motive behind the blog is simple and it is to convey my understanding of Mohanji’s way of operation the consciousness which Mohanji represents. In doing so, I also was/am working for my own spiritual elevation. Seva always bears fruit. I was/am serving Mohanji in my own capacity as I never see Mohanji as a personality instead I see him as  ‘the universal consciousness operating in our physical realm for the greater good of all’ (that’s how I define Mohanji 🙂 ). As a seeker my ultimate objective being mergeance with his consciousness.

Having Said that, I shall convey this idol(moorti) experience imparted to me by the grace of my guru. I was a skeptic about things ritualistic(involving rituals) like mala japs(chanting deity’s name) and moorti puja(idol worship). Though I myself used to do that I used to like worship Hanumanji’s moorti and chant his mantra ‘Aum Hanumantey Namah’ in times of distress coz it seemed to work as through chanting I used to get focused in the present, and once I was completely in the present therein happened no suffering. Coz in my experience suffering is a state of mind arised out of contemplation about the past or the future.

So, it helped but I never really experienced any idol so to say. I always was inquisitive about idol worship. Stream of questions have tormented me perpetually. Questions like -:
1. Do the deities really reside inside the idol/moorti or is it just a concept that we have built up?
2. The rituals of ‘pran-pratishta’ and all are they really effective or not?
3. Are the deities aware of the guy/gal worshiping in front of them or not?

Such questions and more have always perturbed me.

The inauguration of ‘Kripa Moorthaye Mohanji’ idol by Yashik Singh(My beloved spiritual brother) in Merudanda Ashram. Again triggered in me those same questions. Was Mohanji really present inside those moortis? And does pran-pratishta work?

In my experiential understanding-: If one is completely empty i.e., devoid of any belief systems, concepts, dogmas or any rigid principles one becomes established in the state of ‘being’. Such a one gets in sync with the universe itself, the universe functions through such a one.  All knowledge is available at his disposal only thing required to tap into that knowledge is one’s intention. If the intention happens to know answers, answers will happen they have to happen. Answers take the form of miracles or experiences.

My intention was to find answers but instead of relying on anything external I relied on my ‘self’.  Mohanji(the universal consciousness) answered to these doubts and I was once again given an experience of complete mergeance with my guru’s consciousness. Check out the same states here (Kailsh with Mohanji)

In this state which I experienced(on 26 feb)  my whole body started to vibrate and shake up, consecutively I happened to be in a trance like state(neither asleep nor awake) in that state, though miles apart ‘Mohanji’s idol’ and I became ONE.

I saw saints-Rishis worshiping the idol through the idol’s eyes. Rishis – beings from different dimensions were worshiping the idol of Mohanji. Mohanji been an ‘intergalactic master'(my experiential understanding: Check out Astral visions of Mohanji) this vision was like the many visions that i have had of his Multidimensional presence of Bhaktas. I have time and again stressed on the fact that Mohanji is not limited to this dimension only but is revered and worshippped in many other dimensions as well. Oneness with the Mohanji idol proved this again 😀 .

Kripa Moorthaye Mohanji. Pic Courtesy-: Merudanda Ashram
Kripa Moorthaye Mohanji. Pic Courtesy-: Merudanda Ashram

It was an amazing experience an experience beyond words an experience which can only be experienced 😀 .

Another experience which Yashik Bhaiyaa lovingly shares with us confirming Mohanji’s presence inside the idol was expanding of the idol immediately after pran-pratishta. The clothes ready-made and measured for the idol did not fit the idol afterwards. This further kind of proves my experience of Mohanji residing inside the idol.

I got all my answers. Yes, Mohanji’s idol does work and Mohanji really resides in those idols. For the very first time I experienced idols and understood their workings. If one surrenders to the idol he/she in fact is surrendering to the universal consciousness. Ultimately, merging with the universal Consciousness.

If mergeance is one’s aim it cannot happen without surrender and witness-hood.

Here I shall put this in extremely clear words- words emanating out of my own experiential understanding.

“One does not need to take part in any of the blind rituals those which have plagued our Hindu society since times immemorial. A moorti/idol is just a reminder of one’s self. It must be looked upon as that only. Idol’s are just signposts. Signposts indicating that yes if the deity can achieve the state of beingness we ourselves as well are eligible for it. Only thing required is surrender with awareness.” 

about idols
7 billion constitutions in the world each one finding resemblance with some deity/idol. Becoming the idol must be the aim.

But instead what happens is ‘blind bhakti’ towards the idol. Without any understanding of the teachings or any thought towards living the teachings. Idols don’t elevate. One’s selfless intentions, non-expectancy and living the teachings does.


Idols are Signposts.
Idols are Signposts.


Binding someone to the idol and idol alone constraining him with the chords of fear. (like pandas of today are doing) isn’t liberating but instead generates ‘ownership of the idol’.  (More on this I will convey in my next blogpost )

No blind rituals are required. In fact I shall quote Mohanji here-:
“Unconditional Love is a state. Be that. Do Not do that.” But Rituals are more doing rather than being.
final message

Idols are good but if one is surrendering to them with this awareness, then only one is truly working towards his/her elevation. Otherwise it’s just a façade. In fact Mohanji himself scolded a ‘panda’ when he was trying to extort money during the course of our Vrindavan retreat. (the whole episode conveyed here)

What is an idol in fact and how can it represent the formless god?

Formless God is the absolute. It witnesses , circulates, orchestrates , experiences and finally dissolves everything. This level of equanimity is represented by idols. Man can make the image of God the way he likes. He can decorate the idol the way he likes or the way he is. He can offer many objects to the idol as he like or as he is. He can take things from his personal idol too. In short, he can give, take, decorate, make or break and the idol remains a witness, totally free from all demands, desires or needs just like God. Idol represents total equanimity and objectivity of God who needs nothing from you, but is always present in your life the way or form you like to see. Man can easily connect to an object and through the object understand God as a witness without any demands. It helps man to connect to that consciousness beyond boundaries which is God. The journey from form to the formless is facilitated to the wise by the idol. All idols animate or inanimate including you and I are aspects of the same God. The God who is self sufficient and needs nothing from us. It never complaints. It accepts anything you give or take. It accepts you as you are. It loves you as you are. It is YOU. Love. M

A question might arise here-:
Why then Mohanji himself conducts Yajnas and Homas(seeming rituals)?
Well, when a true Guru or a master conducts a fire ceremony trans-formative experiences happen. I myself saw evil eyes burning in the yajna fire which was organised during the retreat. Many who have participated in these yajnas witnessed massive transformations and karmic cleansing happening after the yajnas(manifesting physically). For testimonials one may check out .

So, its simple if any ceremony/ritual transforms one’s inner constitution it is elevating otherwise its binding. Detachment from everything leads to dissolution. Attachment with anything even with the guru’s idol/moorti is binding 🙂 . Just Let go . Dissolute. In dissolution lies Shiva(universal consciousness-our primary objective).

Or as Mohanji puts this more clearly here Enlightenment and Dissolution (Strongly recommend a read for those interested in the path)

An Excrept-:

 Q: Can Complete Dissolution happen in one life time?

 A: Yes. But, it does not happen because emotions and attachments creep in with each new life, even if we are very careful  and controlled. How could Menaka lure Vishwamitra into having a physical relationship with her? So, the path is very, very  narrow and risky. It usually takes life times to eradicate all impressions, desires, and dreams to liberate the man from the  need to be on earth. If the desires are earthly, he should be here. So, he keeps coming back.

 The final is the debt that he must repay for using the facilities of the earth. That can be achieved only through self-less  service for the mother earth and its children, which means all beings. The tool for accomplishing that is Unconditional Love.  Complete liberation is a process. The deeper the silence in the Master, the deeper is His detachment. Desire to prove or  talk is only on the surface, and that too, towards the shore, like waves of the ocean.

 If a man talks too much, usually, he is surface-oriented, and does not have much depth. He will come back again and  again till silence deepens and takes over. Silence does not mean physical silence. Silence means the silence within or lack  of any mental activity. Switching over to dharmic life precedes complete liberation. He will need nothing from earth. He will  give all what he has to the earth and its children. His existence will not hurt the earth. It will only soothe the earth. His  walking on earth will make the trees, plants and animals of the earth rejoice. Big cleansing happens to everyone and  everything, just by His sheer presence and existence.

And so is the way of expression of my Guru Mohanji.  A strict advocate of unconditional love towards all beings. Proof ? Well check out devotee testimonials here also Mohanji has been campaigning for the ‘Veganism Movement’ since many years now. In fact he himself is a vegan. My write-up (Why go vegan? )was inspired by Guruji Mohanji’s write-up titled Species Conflict. 

In his own words Mohanji says-:
“I avoid all animal products. And use almond milk for personal consumption if at all(let alone meat). We are what we eat. Our animal farming itself is one of the reason for poverty on the Earth. We are conditioned for meat. So, we breed animals. Almost 18 pounds of grain that a cow consumes can produce one pound of meat. 18 pounds can sustain one family for at least two weeks. One pound of meat can appease the hunger of one time? We use one third of the agricultural land of the world for animal feeds. And this imbalance of production has now accented the global warming too. Catastrophes are to a great extent instigated by the insensitivity of man. Our food supply chain is immoral, unethical and insensitive. We are what we eat. We must pay the price too. Our diseases, our calamities, our agonies are all derived out of the agony that we deliver to other sentient beings. We are violating the purity, the space, the Earth and the whole constitution of existence. We are being violent within and outside. We are.”

What a sign of true unconditional love towards our animal brethren!!!

Conclusively I shall state: Bhakti is good. But bhakti with awareness is AWESOME(truly elevating)!!!

About the b’day celebrations now 🙂 .

World over Mohanji’s Birthday was celebrated as a day of self-elevation and evaluation. Satsangs all over the world took place. People connected for a positive purpose. Mohanji’s birthday was looked upon by everyone as a golden opportunity for elevation. Some partook in seva activities, some connected with the teachings, some lived the teachings while some just formally called up Mohanji and wished him Happy B’day 🙂 .

Factually speaking, he switched off his phone and never took those calls. Quoting him on these type of incidents(when people display emotions with no depth of purposeful action attached)
“I would say I was not annoyed with the emotional BS. I was detached from it. I had nothing to do with those who entertain emotions which is entirely their choice. – M”
apt for emotional existence
Mohanji doesn’t need empty wishes. If one is connecting with Mohanji one should understand that he is doing so for his sake only. Purpose being ‘Mergeance with his Consciouness’

What is mergeance with Mohanji’s consciousness?
In my experience merging with Mohanji’s Consciousness means becoming Mohanji. No, it doesn’t mean that you start to speak south Indian languages all of a sudden or have this sudden affinity towards wearing lungis/dhotis, or yearn for south Indian Deliciaes 😀 . NO!

Merging with his consciousness means merging with the universal consciousness. A state that can only be experienced and achieved through witnesshood and living the teachings. A question might arise here as to what are the symptoms of merging with the consciousness? In my own experiential understanding when one is merged fully with the consciousness of his master.
1)He is able to see what the master sees or what the Master wants him to see like the Kailash Trip wherein Guruji Mohanji conveyed to me his detachment when people chat ‘Emotional BS’ with him. Which I have already conveyed.

2) is a precise understanding of things as they are occurring on a moment to moment basis. One understands that the way universe functions is not random at all but every single event that happens within the periphery of an individual’s immediate reality carries a higher purpose with it which unveils itself at the right time. (this further is a proof of one’s connection with the universal consciousness which a true guru embodies).

3) is complete spontaneity which means controlling the situations instead of situations controlling an individual.

4) is operating objectively that is sans emotions or attachments. Being emotional differs from being sensitive.
Emotions are all about attaching to people, places or things but sensitiveness is feeling everything or becoming everything. Sensitiveness is about caring for others providing the helpless and the needy.

To sum it up -:  Emotions bind, sensitivity liberates. 🙂

5) is perpetual happiness emanated out of full awareness of existence meaning you start taking life as it is.

Freedom or LIBERATION is what one gains in his/her association with Mohanji. One starts leading a ‘liberated existence.’

When mergeance with the consciousness is achieved one becomes eternal. Immortal. That one becomes fully aware of his multidimensional existence, his true state is unveiled by the grace of his master. Body becomes a way of expression for that one in this physical realm or putting this in more apt words one reaches his/her true state.

‘Immortality’ is what everyone craves for. In my understanding Awareness of one’s self is becoming immortal. The highest anyone can strive for in his/her lifetime.

And I have experienced just that in my association with Mohanji 🙂 .

I was actually really confused as to how to wish him Happy B’day. Question arised answer happened 🙂 .

In my understanding Mohanji’s mission is to spread awareness. So I thought it best to spread awareness and his messages through my recent experience on his 50th B’Day. Because in my understanding What can anyone give anything to the one who already is everything?
A wish of a very long life for Mohanji? that we know isn’t gonna come true as he takes everybody’s karmas and burns them on himself thereby reducing his lifetime on earth… Refraining from that (wish been fruitless).

I choose to live his teachings and lead by example. By carrying out initiatives revolving around three things…
1. Selfless Service
2. Preserving Dharma
3. Working for Mohanji

With full awareness that in order to experience the realm of immortality and perpetual bliss… I WILL HAVE TO OPERATE IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVECoz Believe me there is no other way if you want to lead a happy, contented, blissful life 🙂 

With wishes of mergeance for everyone reading the post… I shall conclude by including a message from Mohanji himself.


Thank you for your time reading the post 🙂
In oneness we exist _/\_
Prostrations at the lotus feet of my Master Mohanji…
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤

Poster and Video Courtesies-:
Mohanji Seva Foundation
Mohanji Quotes(FB page)

Why Go Vegan(Scientifically, Logically and Spiritually Speaking)?

Why Go Vegan ?
Images in the collage sourced from Google

Going vegan! is it a matter of sensitiveness, cruelty, ethics, values, morals, virtues or unconscious following of religious rituals, traditions and customs or familial  beliefs. Why one should go vegan? And sacrifice the awesome, lip-smacking, mouth watering taste of tandoori chicken, spicy curries, mutton those exquisite herbs and spices one adds (the names of some which can’t even be pronounced by us Indians) in making those appetizing dishes.

No! I shall not start jabbering the sensitive issue how for minutes of taste you are killing a living being and ‘senti’ things like that coz those sensitive enough would not eat the non-vegan dishes in the first place. This article is aimed at those who eat non-vegan dishes. I shall try to answer the oft repeated questions that vegans face moreover my take on the veganism  movement being undertaken by the new age communities and people world over…

Starting with my first logical proposition and a question.
#Proposition 1: Understanding the human anatomy…
#Question 1: Are we really ‘Omnivore’ as taught to us by our education system?

Or is it a blatant lie may be a superficial research, a rumor that said through many mouths became the truth ultimately. Let us understand our Indian education system of today first. Is the education system of today that we so embrace really of Indian origin? Did the native people of India frame the system in accordance with our rich spiritual heritage (the times during which India was aware of even making intergalactic space travels!!!) The answer is NO!! the education system of today was framed up by the oppressive English government that enslaved India for centuries…
Proof? Well here is the official

Lord Macaulay’s address to the British Parliament on 2 February, 1835:

“I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”

Sounds logical enough…  I mean being a conqueror nation… England saw India as a complete threat… I mean intergalactic travels!!! Can anyone even comprehend that idea in those times such technology surely must have irked the ones having primitive ways of travelling horses, carts the most developed technology being a locomotive engine that’s it.

I give a situation here. Let us say you have a pistol and the enemy you face has a laser gun which can like totally evaporate you. You are in deep-shit and you know that. Still who doesn’t love his very own life more than anything else so what do you do? Given  the other one doesn’t know that what you have is a very primitive weapon in comparison to yours. You apply your cunning cleverness now in a bid to save your life. And take assistance of the ultimate weapon “Psychological Manipulation”. You brag about your weapon like realtime and belittle the other one’s. Now it totally depends on the psychology of the other person. If he is aware enough he will not give in to your lies and just shoot and tell you the awesomeness that his weapon carries.

I think a similar thing happened with India during those times. India being a nation of hardcore spiritualist who like dwelled within always. Never had time to explore the physical world more also a slave nation ( the Muslim dynasty ruled India before their advent)  the mass populace had a weak cowardly psychology so they gave in to these lies of the one’s oppressing them.

Simple… This and due to other factors covered in the below video structured our present education system… Here’s a video that proves the above assertion with some historical evidences the video is in hindi though…

This being covered I shall proceed onto the real anatomy of the human body as researched and published in a research paper by Milton.R.Mills (M.D.)

Here’s the link: Humans are naturally plant-eaters

The article covers a proper comparative anatomy of eating. If you don’t wanna go through the whole article I am including its summary here The summary of the article: The anatomical evidence tells us that we’re optimized for eating mostly or exclusively plant foods.  The only way to come to another conclusion is to ignore the bulk of the anatomical evidence.  (Critics of this article either use inferior evidence, such as disputed assumptions about the prehistoric diet, or they cherry-pick the anatomical evidence while ignoring the bulk of it.)

  • Most plant-eaters eat small amounts of non-plant foods(accidentally while grazing), usually insects (either intentionally or inadvertently).  The small non-plant consumption of plant-eating animals doesn’t mean that they’re “omnivores” in the classical sense, and certainly doesn’t justify the idea that humans are adapted to a very mixed diet of plant and non-plant foods.
  • “Omnivore” doesn’t mean 50% plants and 50% animals.  Many of my critics consider chimpanzees to be omnivores but 95-99% of the chimp diet is plants, and most of the remainder isn’t meat, it’s termites. If humans are omnivores, then the anatomical evidence suggests that we’re the same kind:  the kind that eats almost exclusively plant foods.
  • The animals most similar to us, the other primates, eat an almost exclusively vegan diet.
  • Saying we’re omnivores because we’re capable of eating meat is just silly.  We’re capable of eating cardboard, too.  And by the “capable” argument, then cats are omnivores too, since nearly every commercial cat food has plant ingredients.  (Check the label.)  Nobody would ever make the argument that cats are omnivores based on what they’re capable of eating.  But they sure make that argument for humans, enthusiastically.
  • Our so-called “canine teeth” are “canine” in name only.  Other plant-eaters (like gorillashorses, and hippos) have “canines”, and chimps, who are almost exclusively vegan, have massive canines compared to ours.  (See picture below.)

    Chimps, who are almost exclusively vegan, have massive canines compared to ours.
    Chimps, who are almost exclusively vegan, have massive canines compared to ours.
  • Our early ancestors from at least four million years ago were almost exclusively vegetarian. (source, article #5)
  • Among animals, plant-eaters have the longest lifespans, and humans are certainly in that category (and yes, this was true even before modern medicine).
  • We sleep about the same amount of time as other herbivores, and less than carnivores and true omnivores.
  • The most common cause of choking deaths is eating meat. (source)  Real carnivores and omnivores don’t have that problem.
  • The idea that a switch to meat-eating is what sparked early humans’ brain development has no more evidence to support it than the competing theories (such as that it was a switch to cooked foods that did the trick), and certainly doesn’t square with what comparative anatomy tells us.

Ok, so even the body anatomy and coverage of the historical evidences of our present education system shout out loud that veganism is the natural way and our education system is BullShit 🙂 .

Question 2: Plants and crops also have life in them so when you eat plants are you not hurting them?
Hmmm good question… well Jagdish Chandra Basu indeed prove that plants do have feelings and can feel pain… But the question is the “magnitude” of that pain… do they scream, shout or run away shed tears of grief get tortured or traumatised? I don’t think so. Coz if this would have been the case if plants indeed felt pain of the same extent. Nature would have provided them wings or legs to fly or run. Not Rooted them firmly to the ground. Coz this is injustice. An ungodly act, an act of total stupidness, idiocy by nature. But as research has proved it that nature is intelligent works in harmony provides for every being looks after every being.

Proof that the nature is intelligent–> the oft repeated Fibonacci series or golden numbers in the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the material kingdom. These mathematical patterns sure prove that nature is intelligent refer to the video below

and the associated article(Huffington post)

Nature is Intelligent

Moreover, logically speaking if we pluck an orange another orange grows we are not destroying the tree. We are eating crops the seeds of which and consequent pollination by insects such as bees leads to preservation of that particular species even assisting the crop plant in their genealogical evolution(R&D has proved this as well). But killing an animal kills the animal and in the process the animal has to go through excruciating pain, trauma, sheds tears of grief even tries to run away from the killing facility. Thereby proving that the magnitude of pain is much much larger in animals and maybe that’s why nature has provided them legs to run and eyes to shed tears. Plus the killing facilities are not a natural construction they are man made thereby proving that nature does not intend upon killing those animals… it is US!!

Hmm there by proving that it is our consciousness which is to be blamed concerning the major upheaval across all the sectors of the society and existence in general and not NATURE. Conclusively, Science does agree that by going vegetarian you are rescuing these animals from pain, grief, sadness, depression and miserable-torcherous lives.

Ok, Another #Question may arise here.–> But my religion says that I have to…

Well this is a sensitive issue.
Here I will not take sides with any particular religion reason being the issues of sacrifice to appease gods or celebrating a festival by killing masses of animals is not limited to a particular religion. Events like these we witness every day. Some get featured in our mainstream news most of them go ignored and do not receive the required limelight. But I ask those who believe in such rituals. Do these rituals fetch any trans-formative experiences latter on after they are conducted? Every year it is the same unconscious following of them. Coz let us say if a certain god or goddess got happy seeing animals being slaughtered in masses. Their happiness surely should manifest triggering events such as heavy rainfall for their crops. Pushp-varsha( flower showering by the celestials during the occurrence of the slaughter). Deities manifesting and blessing them.

But things like these don’t happen. Factually speaking instead of heavy rainfall we have cloud bursts, instead of ‘flower being showered’ we suffer acid rain. And sure deities don’t manifest but profit reapers who reap huge profits from these events do. People associated with the leather industry, fur industry, meat industry obtain immense profits. Conclusively proving that rituals aren’t spiritual. They are harming us and the flora fauna.

Here-in comes the spirituality part. The path of path-lessness and expression of unconditional love. The associated trans-formative experiences that happen when one walks the path of pathlessness (btw which this blog is all about) Spiritually Speaking, Eating non-vegeterian food lowers one vibrational frequency as well. Check out the below link:

Eating meat and its Effects

Since ascension is all about increasing your frequency of operation. Thus intake of stuff like this surely will take you down in terms of frequency. No animal is happy while it’s getting killed. The animal at the time of killing has fear based emotions. Fear based emotions trigger toxins in the body which get absorbed in its fat. Later when its meat is consumed. Lower frequency based vibrations are also transferred. Going by the phenomenon of resonance. And superposition of waves. Sub atomically. Thus if one intends to elevate himself/herself intake of meat is de-elevating. Quoting my Guru Mohanji he also has shared his views upon this whole issue of ‘Species Conflict’ (this blogpost actually is inspired by gurujis post)

Species collision is the biggest, highest and most devastating disaster the earth has ever seen beyond the ice ages. It is irreversible too. This is totally man-made. No other species on earth trusts human kind. This lack of trust between our species and others is alarming, and crippling our existence on earth. With our insensitive life patterns, we have created such vast fields of distrust between ourselves and all other species on earth. Every human walking on earth is responsible for species collision. It is an inherited curse. This breach of trust started about the same time domestication and farming of animals beyond the boundaries of ethics began. Because of lack of sensitivity, we have lowered the vibratory levels of the surface of the earth. We have violated the harmony of the vibratory plane between other species and men. This is the same equation for both land and sea. We have put our hands everywhere. The segregation of harmony in vibratory levels which can be understood only through senses beyond the usual five, is irreparable in the immediate future. It may take a few lifetimes to achieve this, if at all. The other option is re-construction after demolition. This is the earth’s choice, based on its state. Earth uses natural disasters to equalize the imbalance and make way for re-creation. We asked for it. – M

Poster Courtesy : Mohanji Seva Foundation
Poster Courtesy : Mohanji Seva Foundation

Here, in this video My guru Rajyogi Mohanji talks about Animal Cruelty…

Hence, true spirituality can never sponsor these ‘godly acts’ coz in my understanding every higher, ascended master has stressed upon ‘expressing unconditional love towards every being as the only means of elevating oneself spiritually.’

Great masters like Jesus, Buddha, Shankracharya all stressed on this…

Ok, this being proved I shall proceed on to the “Hardcore guys/sexy gals” the lot who doesn’t give a damn about sensitive, scientific, spiritual or logical stuff other than their bodies the weightlifters and all who think eating non veg food is like totally healthy and boosts their biceps or butts. The one’s who say “Hey but I don’t give a damn coz I was selfish by birth and I am by nature cruel and hate all stuff sensitive, it is girly… damn I am macho I only care about my body ain’t no one gonna stop me from eating these things.” Well, guys here is a revelation check out the below video where the guy gives 101 reasons to go vegan just because it harms your body…

Ok, if you don’t want to check out the video as it’s long. Please still if you find time click here just have a look how eating pork and meat of other scavengers like them have toxins stored in their body fat. Harming the one consuming it much more. Through the very real and proven process of Bio-Magnification. If you did find time reading your 6th standard environmental education books. Please I don’t want to give a link here coz this would be like making fun of your intellect(seriously)!!!

Some more FAQ’s and my opinions:

What will happen to the meat and dairy animals that are no longer needed? What will happen to their bodies?

What about all the species of meat and dairy animals? Who will pay for their vet care?

What about the farmers? What will they do?

What about the specific meat-based nutrients that our bodies require? (Such as the omega 3 found only in meat products.)

What about if there was a sustainable way to farm? 

Hmmm good questions: In my opinion, the killing facilities should be held responsible for them animals. Coz it is they who artificially raised them up. If the facilities can afford buying, installing and running heavy machiniries for hours at length consuming massive amount of electrical energy. They sure can invest the same amount of money, time and energy in feeding them and looking after them. The facilities should be charged actually. Fined so to say. But then that is a long way to go. First of all their consumption has to be stopped at an individual level. Laws are made by the collective consciousness. If the collective demands that such laws be made. Laws will be made. And for the collective to demand that. The individual consumption must cease. As it is the individuals who make up the collective.(Killing facilities should be held responsible for MURDER!!!)

I do agree that there are farmers and butchers who are really hardcore. But when proper strict laws are made such as charging/fining facilities and people. Then automatically people will have to embrace veganism.(This can only happen once the collective demand overrules sensory pleasure seeking) I think i have covered the first three questions about paying…

Proceeding on… Livestock raising takes hectares of lands and feeding of live stocks, looking after them costs huge amount of money. If the same amount of money, time and energy is spent on vegan alternatives that may solve the issue for the farmers. Furthermore, if let us say 5 farmers own a facility where daily butchering of tens and hundreds of animals is done. I ask what is logical?
1. Those farmers looking for a different employment opportunity or
2. Killing of live sentient animals cruelly miserably… who suffer excruciating pain and torture in the process.

Omega 3 is not found only in animal products that is a BLATANT LIE. It is found in nuts and almonds as well…
Check out……

Sustainable way to farm ? Hmmm i dont think so, i mean can you kill a animal sustain-ably? Their is no such thing as sustainable killing. Animals are living beings. No living being wants death. And that’s why may be their are many cases of cows or buffaloes running away from the killing facilities with tears in their eyes!!!
Check out:

***Ultimately, it is the Collective consciousness that has to change beginning at an individual level…

Conclusively, even with respect to all the perspectives covered and spoken about. The choice of going vegan rests upon an individual. I would like to give some statistics here though.

More Than 150 Billion Animals are Slaughtered Every Year


Stopwatch Screenshot(kill Counter)
Stopwatch Screenshot(Sourcee : Kill Counter)

This many living sentient beings were MURDERED without purpose!!!

But then again choice is yours… ‘5 minutes of taste’ or ‘5 minutes of sacrifice’ saving This MANY!!! Be Aware… I do support veganism simply coz


Hope this article answers some pertinent questions…

Thank you for your time reading this…
In oneness we exist _/\_
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤
Jai Shree Mohanji…

References and further interesting look ups:
1.What’s behind that Glass of Milk?(an Article published in The Hindu)
2.VIDEO: Will you still eat chicken in India?
3. No Sacred Cows: The Dark Side of the Dairy Industry in India
5. Poultry Farming Cruelty(Secret film)

The Archangel Michael Consciousness

As a matter of fact, i did this write-up  for the ‘International Starseeds Network’ of which I am a member.  I contribute articles there too you may have a look here
some of them got featured on the site itself.

The purpose of this write-up is to provide a simple understanding of the universal consciousness and the diverse expression it finds. Been of the same soul group – Archangel Michael(Blue ray) i shall give my understanding of the ‘Michaelic Consciousness’ and its ways of operations. Corresponding relation with Mohanji, Shiva, Hanuman as well as with other Gods/Goddesses. This is no bookish understanding of Shiva, Michael or Hanuman but my own experiential understanding of the Hanumanic/Michaelic consciousness in which I operate. Consciousness wise I and Mohanji are one the expression of the same consciouness differ though and the associated purposes of those expressions.

Same consciousness-Diverse Expressions.
Same consciousness-Diverse Expressions.

What is ‘consciousness’ firstly?
In my experience and understanding  consciousness is a state – ‘a state of total beingness’ where-in the mind and its functioning collapses. When one is established in that state he has no indentity, no sensual infatuations, no ego. Everything culminates into a zero point, an absolute state where you are conscious of only the present moment -‘THE NOW’ in which everything resides. The past, present and future becomes one in that state.

This state of total being-ness is and should be the aim of every spiritual seeker walking different paths. This state is reffered to as ‘Shiva’. The below video gives an understanding of the ‘Shaivic’ Consciouness by Mohanji operating in the same consciousness.

Mergeance takes place when one is established in that consciousness the devotee and the deity become one, there is no devotee apart from the deity and no deity apart from the devotee – consciousness wise. This state of being-ness may be called by any name one may call it Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Hanuman, Michael or any goddess as the state is gender-less, though the expression this consciousness finds in a specific plane or dimensional reality may differ which wholly depends on the purpose.

The expression of that consciousness is purpose bound. The Universal Consciousness manifests itself from time to time to do a specific job. Consciousness that drives the entity to do the job is rooted in Unconditional Love towards all beings. Hence, even if the expression is like that of Jesus Christ wherein the entity endured a lot, the same consciousness may have an expression like that of goddess Kali the force of destruction annihilating the negative entities.

So, the same consciousness has varied expressions in different realities based upon the purpose.

Expressions differ, consciousness is the same. The thoughts, words, actions are inspired by the same consciousness.

Michael may be called an archangel but if we do so we are restricting Michael to a ‘frame’ limiting his stature so to say. A ‘mind frame’ where Michael has wings has an armor on and other such things. But one should understand that Michael is not limited to a Frame, Michael is consciousnesses thus operating in many different  realities,  the purpose of the expression solely been warding off negativity. Michael is ‘MICHAEL’ because we have made him so. It is our mind’s image of that consciousness. Michael is an ‘Archangel’ coz it is a frame made by our mind of the consciousness.

So, when that universal consciousness/god consciousness needs to interact with the one needing help from the consciousness or showing intention for elevation. The consciousness interacts via a pathway that the individual understands or perceives in a given reality.

Michael if called upon in a different dimension let us say a water kingdom, will arrive there with a different attire(body make-up) he will not go there with a nose lol otherwise his expression ends before his purpose is complete 🙂 . Hence the consciouness is not limited to a frame of body. It can easily make up a body also destruct the same body depending upon the time extent of the purpose. Though the consciousness is the same, expression of that same consciousness finds diverse bodies relating to that particular dimension and purpose.

Hence, the consciousness of Michael is UNIVERSAL beyond frames, beyond time space continuum. Michael is me and Michael is you. As like Shiva is me Shiva is you. Shiva and Michael are the same. Shiva is consciousness and Michael too is consciousness, expression and purpose may be different depending upon the needs of the linear time.

In Indian(Arya-Varta) mythology the same consciousness is referred to as Hanumanji. The eternal devotee of Rama. Hanuman is called the perfect devotee/ disciple. Hanuman in the absolute reality is one with his Master/Guru Rama. Hanuman has no doership  or ownership of any activity that he does. For him Ram’s work is the first and foremost. The Guru and disciple Relationship leads to mergeance in consciousness. Once the disciple and guru merge in consciousness the disciple doesn’t exist as an individual entity.  It is the universal consciousness finding its expression in two different bodies. 

Ram as the guru teaches, remains neutral is utterly compassionate and benevolent. He is like a tree who even gives shade to the woodcutter who intends upon cutting the tree down. Whereas Hanuman’s expression is protecting the Guru Ram, warding of negative entities with malicious intentions towards his guru or his ‘Divine Work’. Hanuman may go to any extent to get the job done!!! As is Michael’s way of operation. And this is because they are ONE CONSCIOUNESS!!!

Hanuman-Rama-Shiva are but one consciousness.
Hanuman-Rama-Shiva are but one consciousness.

Hanuman exists for Ram. As Michael does for God. He is the General of the lord’s Army. And so was Hanuman during the Ramayana times. May be that’s why this ‘expression’ is named ‘Michael'(Mika-el) meaning ‘ one who is like God’ because he actually is 🙂 .

Who is Rama? 
Rama again is consciousness- engulfing everything in existence. Rama’s work hence is like servicing every being or expressing unconditional love towards every being existing. Hence if one calls upon Michael he is EverReady to help because in the absolute sense he is you. You are helping  yourself by calling upon Michael. Michael is not apart from you. That’s why Michael never fails coz how can you not help yourself? lol.

A more in-depth experiential understanding of the state of Shiva and its expression, Hanuman-Ram relationship is covered by my Mohanji here in these blog posts. You may have a look

State of Shiva

Hanuman- Ram Relationship

Conclusively, the ultimate realization for the one walking the path of pathlessness is this 😀 …


Shivoham ( Yes! I am Shiva)

Aum Hanumatey Namah(Salutations at the lotus feet of Lord Hanuman)
Sashtang Dandwat at the lotus feet of Guruji Mohanji….
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. -: Above inferences derived, are my Experiential understandings. Experiences and Realizations comprising of my universal operation – consciousness wise.

Interview with Hein Adamson – Part 2

Part 2 of the Interview…

Here’s the full transcript of our conversation-:

A: It is totally spontaneous. I didn’t prepare anything. NOTHING. It is just flowing everything is flowing.
H: That’s how it should be.

A: Yea, That’s our path.
H: Also, one thing I have felt with Mohanji is he is always flowing. He doesn’t plan anything.

A: Total spontaneity.
H: Complete.

A: Anything can happen.
H: With efficiency even though it is always spontaneous it is never wasted.

A: So let’s talk something something light.
H: Ha ha It’s all light 🙂

A: Apart from the spirituality, consciousness, conscious(other stuff)
H: But in my opinion that is the light stuff. That is what makes me feel light. That is the whole reason why I am on this path. And it is also(why) time and again you come back to Earth.

A: Come back to experience?
H: I don’t even like that. In terms of coming back to spiritual journey.  Every single need. You play games, you study, you read books.

A: It is not satisfying, not permanently satisfying…
H: Ha exactly!
A: Everything is temporary. We get bored off(eventually). We have to get bored off sometime in our lifetime.
H: And you know for me the spiritual thing(the journey began) with one question. What can never be taken away from me?

H: And so that’s why I walked towards the guru in which case manifested as Mohanji.
A: Achaa When we say that we should connect to the consciousness. We are getting internally connected to him.

H: It’s all internal.
( Me pointing towards a pic of Mohanji depicted in ‘Shiva bhaav’)
H: I also like Mohanji’s tradition. The path of Shiva. I think I am ‘Lucky’(as not an Indian still connected to the tradition) .
A: Yea, Because those who have frame of M ji. They will say that Guruji is not like this or not like that. How can Shiva express himself like this. How can Shiva scold? How can Shiva wear glasses? Wear glasses and cool T-Shirts.

H: I really like that(actually). He is COOL!!! If you have fun does it not mean that you are detached?! He is so detached he doesn’t NEED them. He has nothing to prove. This is one thing that the tradition of Mohanji represents. The path of ‘Shiva’. The Dattatreya tradition. It is very alive. It is very today. It is not some scripture some bible or something.

A: He is not aping the traditions, rituals or concepts?
H: Yes, But you have to go through all these different temptations. Mohanji is a living scripture!!!

A: So, Mohanji makes you experience scriptures?!
H: Exactly, He made me experience that all these expressions of spirituality, love, scriptures is like a flower. From inside it will come and you will experience. Whereas the way we live in the society today we are mind oriented. It all starts outside but we try to force it in…

A: The blossoming of the flower is what spirituality is?!
A: And does this path have any procedures or customs… that you have to do this at this time… you have to like wake up at 4:00..
H: No, no need only surrender and Faith.(though) I have seen Mohanji giving practices to certain people. But that is individual. The point being exactly what you need.

A: Coz everyone is different. He caters to the individual constitutions.
H: And he is accessible to anyone.

A: He is the most accessible guru. He is on Watsapp, he is on FaceBook, he is on Gmail..
H: In my opinion that is a teaching as well. Because he is so natural he is laughing than he gets angry. He goes to the toilet eats food. I remember when I saw him going to the toilet for the first time. I was like ok ok ‘ He is Human’!! If he can reach that level … I Can reach that level… But it is a teaching because again it is all subtle. It is all silent stuff… You have to literally look beyond…

A: Beyond the frame of the body?
H: Haan and the actions that come from it…

A: So experiencing the ‘State’ is more important?
A: The ‘State’ that he expresses. He calls it ‘Para Brahma’… So, for a seeker like me. What is this state of ‘Para Brahma’ that we are talking about?!
H: ’Para Brahma’ is just a name for… In my understanding is the ‘Highest that can be experienced.’ ‘Highest that can be attained.’ The gift of being a human being is that we can go to the highest.

A: So in the path as you mentioned the seeker should have inner purity and faith as two pillars or as two slippers that (H: Carry you forward)carries you forward takes you forward. Apart from this.. Inner purity and Faith… Reaching that unlimited consciousness of being ‘Para Brahma’. How one should merge ourselves into this unlimited consciousness of Para Brahma?
H: I don’t think you have to make it happen you have to let it happen. That is the importance of it. And then ‘Trust in Guru’. And again I say the internal guru is the real Master that will take you. But until you reach that level trust the external. So Para Brahma wants you he is waiting for you. If you want to call it ‘him’ . If you want to give him some form or Name. Para Brahma is that is God or whatever. He is calling you. Come home come home.

A: Faith in one’s guru is the most important thing…
H: If your Faith is complete. You don’t have to think about being spiritual. You don’t have to think about liberation. Coz it is all mind stuff.  And it is good for understanding, I am not saying it is bad. If it elevates you and increases your faith. But if your faith is Absolute. Zero Doubt. You don’t have to be spiritual. Whatever is spiritual Master will deliver.(If it’s something) I don’t understand, Master will deliver. ‘Guru Tattva’ delivers. You don’t have to look anywhere. I want to have liberation. Guru delivers.

A: Guru does all the job.
H: 100%

H: He does everything everything. All we have to do is hold him.
A: Well holding onto a true guru, a true Master is I think difficult.

H: Yes but It is tooo simple… We like complicated things…
A: Bcoz guru has a personality we get swayed from the personality… Guru shits… Guru eats 🙂

H: And I have seen many instances of people even of you know that come connect with Mohanji. And they leave. And you know they will say ok Sai Baba is my guru. That’s fine I love Sai Baba.
A: Because Sai Baba is dead he doesn’t have a frame. We can fit Sai Baba into a frame.

H: Yes, he will never scold you. And in his case he was a Big Scolder. He was big one for scolding…
A: I have read Sai Satchaarithra… He used to beat people with sticks…

H: That’s still LOVE there is so much love in this tradition.
A: So master does everything for the elevation of his disciple?

H: This is a great unique tradition. That is why it is so alive.
A: That is I think so ‘Unconditional Love’ expressing itself by the Masters…

H: And you can have faith today, tomorrow you don’t have faith…. Doesn’t matter… They are always available.
A: So we may interpret it and say that ‘a true guru’ doesn’t need anything. (H:yes). He doesn’t have any expectation attached to the devotees.
H: And that I have literally experienced that with Mohanji. I have seen with my own eyes. He has no dependency. If he asks for something it is always for your elevation.

A: So, has there been any incident where Guruji has asked for something and you were not able to complete it you were not able to deliver. (H: Yes) And then finally an understanding came in you. That this was for my benefit.
H: And the second lesson came was to pay attention. Be absolutely present when Master speaks. Because he will say like very casually like (Hey! Do this) and when you don’t do that Disaster Happens. Big Big Problems in your life. And if you just listened no problem.

A: Can you share any incident for our viewers?!
H: Well, I could say that these things are related to my family life, personal and emotional relationships, work.
Where he has given advice like ‘ don’t do this?’ and then you are free to choose. That is also the beauty. Because often we ask that the Master is so powerful he can give you liberation. Why doesn’t he just give you?! He can just delete your Karma. Why doesn’t he do that. But no, he respects your free will. Karma is the result of all the decisions that you have made.

A: Talking off Karma. How does it take place. Why is this Karma so so Bad?
H: I don’t think it’s Bad… I think it is the mind that senses it to be Bad. But Mohanji’s teachings of Karma is very simple. Anything emotional is what brings in Karma. Thoughts plus emotion. Talking plus emotion and action. Mohanji talks about these three levels in which the Human being can function… Is thought word and action… So these three plus emotion creates Karma…

A: So, any of these three without emotion will create what?
H: This is very deep for me to understand.. Because Mohanji is talking about to shift from Karmic existence too Dharmic existence.. So first of all you are completely spontaneous…  You have no emotions… In my experience…if you have a thought you take yourself away this is a bad thought or this is a good thought… it just happens…

A: A ‘Dharmic  Life’ has spontaneity as its expression?!
H: Yes definitely we can say, a Dharmic life has spontaneity as its expression… Unconditionality as its expression… And unconditional love, no expectations… These are teaching that Mohanji lives that comes out from Dharmic level of operation. And free because it is not Karma that binds you. You have chosen it. It is very difficult to understand.

A: Why one would choose?
H: Love.

A: Why one would choose to repeat things lifetimes over? To repeat everything lifetimes over?
H: That’s why awareness is so important. Because why anyone would choose to suffer? That is because you are not aware. That is why in my opinion the whole mission is to become conscious. When you are fully conscious you are free to choose. That ooo this is suffering but at least you know

A: Why you are suffering?!  Because of your Past Karmas…
H: Then also you will never feel like a victim

A: So, I think you understand that whatever is happening ‘I am’ making it happen.
H: It is like you eat too much food and then you have stomach problem. You are not a victim. You ate too much, same is with Karma. Actions of many lives. Grace of guru is beautiful though. If he is there you can eat so much. You will not have stomach problems.

A:Guru is there. To handle your Karmas.  So do Karma 🙂 …
H: The big part is that the true Master never interferes with Karma. But they can Dilute.

A: So, this is where i think so, we become dependent on our Guru/Master. So, how to cut that dependency away…
How to be independent and detached from everything even the physical form of the guru?
Because, i think that’s important… That’s our Path…
Operating in a ‘Detached Way’…
H: One thing is follow his teachings…

A: And what are the signs? For the one who is progressing spiritually.
What are the indications that you are in fact making a progress?
H: Mohanji’s criteria is very simple…
Are you more silent? and
Are you more fearless?

A: Both of them go hand in hand.
H: Silence means Mental Silence. Silence of the Mind.

A: (means) Those thoughts don’t happen?
H: Yea, or you are distanced you are far away from it. (if)Thought is there, Ok thought is coming that’s not me…

A: The recurring thoughts that we have about everything…
H: And i think you become less habitual…

A: Conditionings and Habits?
H: Because it’s been my experience that if you are completely in the moment… Habit doesn’t push you…

A: Being conscious of your Habits…
H: Like if I have a habit of drinking coffee… If i am completely in the moment… It’s not habits that’s pushing me… You can choose to have coffee or not… I am completely Aware of the thought process that’s happening.

A: You are aware that this is not me, the want to have a coffee, it is your senses.
H: So there is always different levels of awareness, different levels of understanding. But when i ask this question ‘Where does this come from?’ Every single time, Guru is provided, to make us more aware.
To keep the mind stuff and ego in control…

A: To sum it, teachings of a Guru of a Master is more Important…
H: Yes…
A: Than his personality…

H: Because that is their just to demonstrate the teachings… Like Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita ‘There is nothing in all three worlds that binds me.’ But (still) i am here… I am working for you…
A: So it sounds like ‘Unconditional Love’ from Krishna to… ‘Unconditional love’ was flowing from Krishna to Arjuna (Body made an instrument)

H: And Krishna in the whole Gita is not talking from the point of view of Krishna(limited Body entity)… of body that has the name of Krishna
He is the expression of ‘Para Brahma’…
A: So we have an indication(sign) here that is, one who is established in the state of ‘Para Brahma’… Must have ‘Unconditional Love’ as his expression…
See, so you gave the ‘gist of Spirituality’!!!

H: And it’s oneness starts happening… The space between Ayush and Hein begins to disappear… Only Love does that… Only Expressing love does that…
A: So oneness is the final experience that you can have?

H: I think so, haven’t experienced it yet… but from my understanding it is an awareness that you have…

A: It was very nice talking to you… Very enlightening talk 🙂 !!!
And i think and i wish for your spiritual elevation… that you reach the highest in the shortest possible time…
H: Same for you !!!
A: Jai Gurudev 🙂 !!!

About the Nath Tradition-:

The excerpt shared in the video is from Mohanji’s blogpost :
Encounter With An Ageless Saint of Himalayas – Part 3

Here’s the complete excrept…

The Navnath tradition. Lord Krishna called all the higher beings before he left his physical frame and told them that the purpose and message of His avatar must continue in the whole universe. He chose nine people as its messengers. They are the Nav Nath Saints. They are Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath, Jalendarnath, Kanifnath, Gahininath, Bhartarinath, Revananath, Charpatinath and Naganath. Lord Dattatreya is the Param Guru, who started the tradition. They are the nine Narayanas. The name “Narayana” means the “destination of man”. Lord Krishna Himself Narayana, summoned the Nine Narayanas, who are projection of Himself to His presence and ordered the formation of Nath sampradaaya. Thus Krishna expanded Himself from one to many. The purpose was the continued preservation of Dharma. The realm or “karma bhoomi” is the whole universe. Each Nath Guru displayed profound wisdom and distinct and unique character and characteristic which made people wonder if they were indeed part of the Nath tradition at all. Some stressed on Yoga, some on just observing silence, some on devotion and some on knowledge, some stressed on faith and patience while some stressed on Purity, non-violence and faith at all levels. Nath Tradition is like a grid. In the seeming diversity, there is extreme unity and purposefulness. All Nath Gurus operate as one entity, one breath, even though each Guru displays a different method. There is extreme oneness and diverse expressions. Some of the saints of the tradition chose to burn themselves as candles, giving light and purity to the chaotic world. They decided to settle almost 15,000 feet high in Himalayas, in caves, hidden in ice away from human eyes. They recycle their own semen backwards through Yoga siddhi and they glow like glow worms. They are luminescent. They silently send soothing energy to the whole world. They are intense. This is their mission. When it is time to shed their bodies, they walk towards the nearby pool, withdraw their soul, cell by cell, to the top of their head, and remove themselves (their soul) from their bodies. They shed their bodies in water. They always choose samadhi in water. They only live for the world and not for themselves. Their prayer is “May the whole world along with its various beings be saved and elevated, except us”. They sacrifice their life for the world, unassumingly, expecting nothing in return; not even gratitude. Some saints of the tradition choose to be among people, in the market place, like you and me, to demonstrate the dharma of existence. Most Nath Gurus do not have any formal Gurus. They are chosen and guided by Divine, purely based on their eligibility. Thus, there are no initiations. Common man cannot understand nor appreciate  this truth. They will miss the grand message too.

And ooh the background song actually has a spiritual meaning. The song is ‘Badrinath’ from a telugu movie. Badrinath is the adobe of Lord Vishnu and is Vishnu himself  _/\_ . Since the tradition was initiated by Lord Shri Kishna so thought that this song would be apt 🙂  …

For the English translation of the song, Check out :

Lotus feet edited
Sashtang Dandwat at the lotus feet of Guruji…
Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤

Interview with Hein Adamson – Part 1

Hein ji getting Shaktipath from Mohanji
Hein Adamson getting Shaktipath from Mohanji

 Already i have conveyed my understanding of the Dimensions of Mohanji. So, now will move onto this ‘cool interview’ with Hein. 

This interview with my ‘soul brother’ Hein Adamson was to the point and a matter of fact one. Hein has provided really simple, objective and clear answers to many of our nudging queries about the path and how to walk this path… Simple objective ‘one liners’ yet profoundly deep are the essence of this interview. Nath tradition in action.Total spontaneity and fluidity is what underlies this interview 🙂 .

Edited the video to make it bearable as already said 🙂 . Even added hip hop music at the end LOL!!! My first edition so expect some cool use of cinematic and music. Was experimenting with the video edition software. Also was not well on that day which explains the cough.

Here’s the Transcript of the interview…

Introductions first :

Hein Adamson(H): My name is Hein 26 years old being connected with mohanji for almost 3 years now and…

Ayush(A) : The fascinating thing is that you being a foreigner a south African guy and Mohanji an Indian guy what attracted you to him?!
H: it was his naturalness and his peace not putting a show on no pretention. Just a natural guy.

Ayush:  Appearances didn’t matter?!
Hein: No they did. I liked his appearance. Because, he dresses and acts and behaves ike a modern man. He is a contemporary man.  I like the fact that he was modern he was speaking to these times.

A: Specific to the times and needs of today?!
H: Ya

A:So the crux of Mohanji’s teachings since I too am a devotee I have been connected to Mohanji approxly for 2 years.  The base is selflessness and unconditional love even the main tagline or the primary teaching of Mohanji is “unconditional love is our true nature”. So can you give us your view on this teaching how to follow this teaching how to live up to this teaching of expressing unconditional  love as our true nature?!”
H: Well the best way that I do it umm trying to put in my all time daily life is that if I had no needs if I was already existing  in completeness if I garaged what would be my expression in the world?!

A:So, what is this unconditionality we are talking about because in our daily lives, normally, we expect, if we give something we also expect something in return
H:well I think you sort of answered in your question it is EXPECTATIONS. Unconditional love is no expectation. I don’t expect you to take good advice. I don’t expect you to give anything back to me. I don’t expect you to behave a certain way or think a certain way.

A: So it’s a kind of State.
H: It is definitely a state.

A: Well, Talking about this state. Sounds very cool. If I am the object or the subject of one expressing unconditional love to me. Then, it will be bliss for me as I can depend on him anytime. So to attain that state. To attain this unconditional love state. How one should strive for it?!
H: well you know it ties into Mohanji’s other teachings. One being objectivity. Being objective about everything that happens in your life. Being unemotional.

A: Unemotional!!!
H:Unemotional, Meaning umm, Mohanji talks about levels of operation. You can operate from emotions or you can operate from intellect. And then ultimately emotional operation intellectual operation spiritual operation. So, I would say being objective means operating more from intellect.

A: Operating from the intellect and not from our minds and senses?!
H: Yes! So that there is more distance between you and to what is happening around. You are aware that the emotion you are expressing is not me.

A: So I think we are taking of  an emotion free expression. Expressing our self purely based on objectivity. So how to attain this ‘objectiveness’ that we are talking about? Because in our day to day life we get attached to people, places & things. Small small things. We dont want to let go. SO how to get this feeling of detachment how to detach from things?
H: I would say awareness. Practice on awareness. In my experience the more aware you aare the more you automatically detach. You automatically get objectivity.

A:So awareness brings in detachment.
H: I would say yes.

A:What kind of awareness?!
H: Everything that happens. Everything that you can be aware off. Everything you should be aware off. I am moving my body. I am aware of the movements of the body. I am speaking words. I am aware of the words being spoken. I am having thoughts. I am aware of the thoughts that I am thinking.

A: So, kind of being conscious of everything.
H: Being conscious of everything yes!! You know watching everything

A: Watching Everything, witnessing everything.
H: Being a witness of everything that happens.

A: Talking about your experiences of the path of Mohanji. Can you please share and throw some light on some of them.
H: It is really difficult coz a lot of people have had big visions.

A: Metaphysical?
H: Metaphysical sort of beyond body, beyond mundane reality kind of experiences. And I haven’t. My experiences have been much more quite experiences. Experience of peace. And that kind of thing one thing that I have experienced is… how to take care of every aspect of your life. The more you are surrender state. Every single need from your huge spiritual ambitions. To getting food in your stomach is all taken care off.

A: So, it can be said that he is kind of established in the state of unconditional love and you are his subject.
H: Yes. Whatever he speaks about unconditional love he lives that.
A: So, there are teachings that Mohanji talks about.  He says that teachings will elevate you. Following the teachings will elevate you. So, do you have any kind of experience regarding this means living his teachings and then gaining some experience , some knowledge.

H: Well, There are a few things that I watch for. My A few basic guidelines. That, If I am meeting them than I am growing. One is to have less fear. And do I have more clarity. So I have found that practically living Mohanji’s Teachings makes me less fearful. And gives me greater clarity.
A: Fearlessness stems from within?!

H: Yes! Bcoz, It all happens from inside it is not something that can easily be seen or felt. Or experienced through the senses.

A:Mohanji guides you to your inner self?!
H: Exactly I would say.

A: So if inner self is everything guidelines from ourselves our inner light is everything if I can say that. Than why we need a guru?! Why we need an external guru.
H: One thing to realise that is that it is only the mind that is different from the guru. That here is me and there is someone called a ‘Guru’. You are the guru. He look like he is external but he is within. The external guru with the name and form of Mohanji is just a projection of the internal guru. And this is called Guru tattva or guru principle.

A: And he always says to connect in consciousness. Not to get attached to his body. So why is it so important to connect to his consciousness and what one gains by connecting to his consciousness?! What are his experiences?!
H: Well, I would say connecting to your consciousness takes you to yourself. Consciousness will never leave you the body may die. It will be burnt or buried. Either his body will die or my body will die. So connect in consciousness.

A: So, body has a temporariness aspect attached to it?!
H: As Mohanji says body exists in time. Whereas consciousness is timeless.

A: So, talking of this time and space. Mohanji, says that he is eternal in the absolute reality. But talking of this linear reality where we are living. He says that time and space are relative and what is absolute is you and your consciousness. How to interpret this because for a layman for the one who is not attached to Mohanji and his teachings who can’t experience so for a layman it becomes difficult  to understand this can you put just in simple terms what he is trying to say what is the summation of this teaching?
H:it is really difficult to answer that

A: Well I think only a disciple can answer it?
H: I would say, you need to basically realise whatever you are looking for whatever you ought to experience. Is already there. But the mind which looks outside. Tends to look into the future based on relativity. As you say. Which requires time and space.

A: So when we talk of consciousness and experiencing the consciousness. What one should need to experience the consciousness. (rephrasing)What is the pre-requisite to experience his consciousness? What one should ‘do’ to experience his consciousness?
H: No doing. If you need something to do than I would say ‘be empty’. Automatically consciousness is there.

A: Being empty is I think ‘easier said then done. ‘
H: Yea, It is, Then again I would say Awareness is the thing you need. If you need to silence your mind. You can’t silence your mind. But you can be aware of your thoughts. Then when Awareness is there automatically thoughts dissolve.

A: So ultimately we have to expand our awareness?
H:Be with whatever you do.

A: We should be with our actions. Be with our thoughts. Be with our words.
H: But with a clear knowledge that that is not you. You are the one who is witnessing all that.

A: So, these things are interdependent knowledge comes out of awareness. And awareness would come out of Knowledge.
H: this is what guru tattva is guru principle gives the knowledge that you need.

A: Also, On the net(internet) we have and everywhere not only on the internet. We have a tremendous amount of information. An information overload about spirituality and many concepts like there are some channellings done by alien races, ET races( KRYON and BASHAR). You must have seen. And then there are concepts of Kundalini and all. So how one can differentiate between one who are selling the concepts and a true Master?! How one should know?!
H: True Masters deliver experiences. Others can give you only concepts.

A: So, the concepts are not Transformative ?!
H: No, No… Concepts are like doing Maths, reading a Novel. It doesn’t as you said Transforms.

A : Talking about ‘elevation in consciousness.’ Since, I am on the path of seeking I am a seeker. I can’t understand the ‘levels of consciousness’ that we are talking about. If we are mentioning the term ‘elevation’ than we will have to talk about ‘levels.’ So what are the levels of consciousness and how one can judge or see that we are elevating. What is the parameter what is the indicator?
H: I would say the more selfish you are the more lower levels of consciousness you see. But the more your vision, your awareness, your consciousness includes ‘every body.’ That is the higher consciousness.

A: Means Higher consciousness expresses itself in ‘selflessness.’ And lower consciousness in ‘selfishness.’
H: Yes, obviously that is the measure you know.

A: So what is the use…ahem.. ‘use’ would not be the right word.. What one ‘gets’ because ultimately if I do anything, if you do anything, if anyone else does anything. It has a tinge of selfishness attached to it. That what I will get from it?!
So, why one should strive for this higher consciousness?!
H: To answer this I will give you a quite simple or too boring an answer. But, basically because it feels Good Closer you are to the higher consciousness… the more bliss will you experience of existence.

A: This bliss that we are talking about. What is this bliss?!
H: I would say you can call it ‘Bliss’ because it never changes.

A: Your state never changes.
H: Your state never changes. The Bliss state never changes.

A: Means you are kind of unaffected by everything.
H: I wouldn’t say that life stopped. You still have happiness, you still have sadness, pain, pleasure all these things.  But it doesn’t really touch you.  You become established as the ‘witness’ of these things.

A: You are not the doer. So, it may be said that the ultimate realisation of the ‘path of pathlessness’ is realizing that ‘you are not the doer’.
H: I would say ‘yes’ . Realizing what is already there all the time.

A: What was guiding us?! Coz I checked out one  blog of Mohanji on… In every blog he has mentioned the word ‘conscious(of thoughts words and actions)’ and the oft-repeated term is consciousness and ‘connecting to consciousness’
So, is being conscious of thoughts, words and actions the ultimate objective of the path?
H: Yes, I think so. The destination is consciousness and the path is consciousness.

A: And ‘Consciousness’ plus ‘liberation’(another oft-repeated term)
H: Aaah that is the thing when you become perfectly established in consciousness. It has no limits. When I say consciousness. What my idea of it is that it is not a ‘thought.’

A: It’s an experience?
H: It’s an experience. Thought is what is ‘limiting.’ Thought is what is is binding. So, consciousness automatically is ‘liberation’.

A: In a previous interview with Mohanji. It was a very frank 1. I just asked him what was his mission? Why has he incarnated at this point of time on Earth? So, why is this liberation so important?
H: Because liberation takes you out of Duality, otherwise it is constant back and forth swinging. In my experience, to put in simple terms to have 1 hour of joy you have to have 1 hour of pain. That is the nature of everything that exists.

A: Positive exists than negative also exists.
H:Exactly, so liberation takes you out of that. You don’t have to swing back and forth all the time. One day you are ok. Next day you are not ok.

A: So we can say that liberation from duality?! Duality means which manifests in happiness and sorrow, joy and fear so and so…
A: In our path the path of ‘Shiva’ as guruji says… He stresses on ‘Kicking the butt’ so What is kicking the butt like? And if he kicks a ‘disciples butt’ how one should react or respond? How one should carry himself/herself forward?
H: Gratitude… every single step of the way… Bcoz most of the time he expresses himself very gently , very lovingly….But sometimes it feels like you are being burnt…like there is fire coming….like he is angry with you…but the thing is to remember that no matter what his expression its all coming from love… So take it with gratitude…guruji is kicking my butt ok I am grateful…. Guruji has given me work to do …ok I am grateful…

A: So, in fact he is attacking the ‘Tamas’ in you?
H: He is you in fact…. How can he attack himself?!

A: He is there also here also 
H: So he is attacking a part of you..

A: SO the this realization that you have that he is there also here also…this I think is the destination of the spiritual path…to find guru who is external… internally within
H: And I think through grace when we get an external guru is to keep ego in check as well…

A: So, the grace factor that you mentioned the ‘grace factor’ is very important?
H: Yes, the grace factor elevates you, it is not your practise not your knowledge anything it is only grace.

A:So is their way to manifest grace in our lives?
H: Grace is always there. There is not one moment when there is no grace. Grace gives you breath grace lets you eat. Grace gives you a warm place. If you are hungry it is also grace and if you are cold it is also grace.  So, I wouldn’t say that you can manifest grace. But I think you can take steps to be more aware of the grace. To see it too feel it.

A: So, it can be said that grace is always there but we are not aware of it. So why is grace so important? In our path why is it necessary to have grace. To experience grace to be aware of grace.
H: Because, I think you know the spiritual journey is long. It is very very very long. Life after life after life after life.(lifetimes)  I mean many many many many many lyftimes.And you know, It is so subtle and so silent that you can miss time and time again. I think for each of us there has been a time where we were at the doorstep of the highest consciousness. But we missed it. How many times how many lives how many concepts? That is why Grace is important.

A: To grant us liberation.
And you  are also writing a blog I think so.
H: Yes, it is called ‘Mohanji and I’ part 1, part 2 is coming. Yea, Basically…I talk about ‘How I met Mohanji.’ One thing that I thought I would share is when you meet a Master. You never have to go looking. As they say guru tatva is always there for you. When you are ready he will fetch you.

A: The guru tatwa will happen
H:you can fight it still it will come.

A: As you mentioned that you met him. So how did you meet him was it kind of a metaphysical experience, Supernatural occurences. Thunder and lightning appeared 🙂 .
H: Something I did like. But no actually it was very simple. Which is also a teaching. Your experienes are also teaching it is not necessary that Mohanji’s words are the only teachings. So I met Mohanji through Facebook. Actually my parents met him through facebook. And then they were telling me about him and I was not interested. He didn’t fit my frames.(A:Expectations?) Expectations… again how many lives because of expectations. Or some concepts you have you miss.  But then one day I was desperate enough. Mohanji always assay that there are two ways you can be in surrender. Two ways you can connect with divinity. One is surrender and one is (A: helplessness) helplessness. Surrender was not the way for me I had to become helpless. But, That is Grace as well. Which makes you helpless so that you connect.

A: So, I think as someone in a previous interview mentioned that he had an acquaintance. This guy was a alcoholic and a non- vegetarian but still(was connected to Mohanji hence) Mohanji’s grace happened. So, talking of instances like these, cases like these. What is the parameter to asses grace what is the prerequisite of getting grace? Is it kind of inner purity?
H: This is what Mohanji teaches is purity. It is eligibility actually. And purity leads too eligibility. Selflessness is purity. The expression of purity is selflessness.

A: So, if we constantly express ourselves selflessly… we are getting pure inside.
H: Yes, I would say.

A: What is the other expression of that purity.
H: Love, I would say ‘selfless Love’… There are many dimensions to it. I would say you are more spontaneous. But you are also very sensitive. Purity makes you sensitive. God is trying to get in all the time(A: Knocking on the door) Knocking on the door all the time. In the same way life is a series of moments. Are you ready? are you ready ? Then you say no. (A:That will has to happen intention has to happen?!) So I would say, Purity is just yes yes yes!!! That you allow it to happen.

A: So, ultimately it is your intention that carries you forward.
H: You have to ask. There must be intention of what I would like to plase help me. It will be helped.

A: Talking about frames that we have of gurus. And as you mentioned earlier Mohanji destroyed all your frames. So why is this being frameless  and this aspect non-expectancy. Why is it so important?
H: Because God is unlimited. Liberation is unlimited thing. Consciousness is unlimited. It never ends. Frames and concepts and expectations. These kind of things its all limitations.

A:  They are binding…
H: They are binding. You will never be able to fit infinity into a limited.

A: coz of we operate from our limited mind and intellect?!

A: I read it in a book(actually 🙂  )

Part 2 – Kailash With Mohanji

strolling Guruji
Guruji Strolling. Picture Courtesy : Monja Wolf

This experience happened in the morning of 6-08-2014. I got up around 5:00 AM. Slept at 1:00 or 2:00 don’t remember so correctly. I sleep less. So having  3-4 hours sleep is sufficient for me. But this day I woke up like really early at 5:00. So freshend up and proceeded towards my study table in a bid to study. Which I never can in the morning. Still I  tried too lol 😀 .

Connected with Mohanji’s eyes . He was in Kailash. I too wanted to join him. But going to Kailash is not easy. Lots of money with Visa and I don’t know what not is required!! So had to make do with the eyes. Immedaitely I had this intense bhaav welling up inside me so much, so that tears started flowing. In my experience ‘bhaav’ too is given by the grace of a Sadguru or a master. I could no longer concentrate towards my studies. Hence, went to sleep.

Mohanji's eyes : Gateway to his Consciousness. Like Really!!!
Mohanji’s eyes : Gateway to the Consciousness. Like Really!!

Suddenly, I was like teleported to Kailash. I was in a kind of ‘Samadhi’ state. An altered state  which is neither Awake or sleep. It is a kind of Trance state. Yea, surprising and strange for me too. Coz in my understanding. To like attain this state you have to stand on one leg in front of a rising sun that too early in the morning or meditate inside caves, go high up to the mountains and suffer many hardships of rigorous practices to attain this kind of state. While I attained the state lying on my ‘Hostel Bed’!!! 😀 . 

This further had an understanding and a lesson for me that, eligibility induces bhaav.  Guru can deliver anything provided the disciples can take it.

Moving on, while in that state I reached Kailash and was with Guruji. I was in front of a big mandir. And was rearranging chappals(slippers) of me and guruji. And I saw people sitting beside him. But actually very few really connected to him. I mean like Very Few. I even saw the faces of those who were really connected. Obviously I will not tell. But I know 😀 😉 .

I and Guruji proceeded to take a stroll, talked about things and had a long conversation. The most important topic being ‘Emotional Bullshit’ . Hate to say this but have to, in my vision, experience and understanding. And also in my conversation with guruji it was specifically outlined that women are more connected to him physically. Not in a ‘devotionally detached’ way. They are more connected to him emotionally. Not all of them but most of them 🙂 .

The vision imparted to me in my ‘Samadhi State’ made me aware that very few were actually connected to Mohanji’s consciousness, even though a 100 people travelled with Mohanji to Kailash, Very Very few actually came and left with the same ‘bhaav’ towards him. For some it was a tourist destination. An opportunity of hiking, mountaineering or climbing. Just another chance of enjoying and spending time with Mother Nature and her bounties . Revitalising their bodies. And other such BS. Many did not even understand who they were traveling with, despite many miracles on the way. Many took everything for granted and as co-incidence.

This is how human mind works. People discard a guru based on other’s words at the drop of a hat. They never use the chance to understand the guru in another dimension, using the materials of experiences available. Falling in spirituality is very easy. Climbing up is very difficult. It may take life times. Hence ‘bhaav’ should be maintained at any cost. And whenever we feel at cross roads due to mental input, instead of discussing with others equal or below our level of understanding, we should always discuss with the Guru. This is very important. Those who are equal or below our stature will never be able to add value to our thought. A guru certainly can, especially if he is connected to the source.

In my experience, Out of a thousand, only one really connects to Mohanji’s consciousness completely. The rest are just watching the show(Physical attributes). Acceptance without conditions is essential for any disciple to raise himself in awareness. And this acceptance should be based on the awareness of the path and tradition of the Guru. If the path is Liberation, it is the right path. If the path is the binding, run away from him. You do not want to be bound in this life or any other lives.

As already said, connecting to the personality aspects is not a real connection but a false one.
In our path, ‘Bhaav’ should never be lost at any point in time. When ‘bhaav’ is lost the soul is lost. It is easy. Hence it is important to hold on to one’s bhaav at any cost.

I would like to refer to a ‘Facebook Status update’ that guruji did on 20-08-2014.

‘Bhaav is the soul of Faith. When bhaav is lost, soul is lost.’ –  M

Hence, Mohanji himself does agree upon this 🙂  .

The reader may find my experience to be ‘Bizarre’ to say the least. To them I would say that, Dimensions are many and body is only one of them. Those who only connect to the body will never understand any other dimension. ‘Bhaav’ is the key. When bhaav is lost, everything is lost. Bhaav is the soul of the faith. And Bhaav should be accompanied by awareness, which will lead to meditation and states of Samadhi. This experience of mine was a state of ‘Samadhi’ wherein i transcended from physical to the real.

How to transcend Physicality?
I have conveyed this already in my previous post. The emotional talkings, unpurposeful chats, irrelevant dialogues is nothing but mind’s workings. This will lead to nowhere in our path. On top of that this only becomes annoying to the Guru. It was already disturbing/pestering Guruji much. This was revealed to me in my conversation with him. I too was angry as to why people talk to him so much? And violate the silence of his stillness that is his abode?! Why don’t they leave him alone?

As a part of the conversation and also as a message to the readers plus those who accompanied him to Kailash, I would say that:

Ownership, possessiveness, judgement based on limited awareness or socio-moral norms will detach one from the subtlety of creation. It will re-establish one in the gross completely. It is not elevating. 

This was not one of a kind yatra with guruji. Astrally, I have being with guruji to Mansarovar and all. Have seen sleeping Vishnu in my visions many times while strolling witth guruji. I never knew that this type of Vishnu exists but when I saw the pics of Kailash travel. There was this pic of Mahavishnu sleeping/lying like in my visions. And I was like wow sleeping Vishnu exists(he is in Kathmandu)!!

Sleeping Mahavishnu - Neelkanth Vishnu.
Sleeping Mahavishnu – Neelkanth Vishnu.

So, I immediately asked Guruji the relevance of the vision and asked him when did we visit?!(this was months back, thought i did share 🙂 )
His answer was: It does not matter when we visit because we are not operating as per terrestrial times in the astral plane.

This was a further proof/confirmation that my connection with him is not limited to a particular dimension but may have many dimensions to it. I only need to be conscious of these dimensions and my connection with him in this realms so as to really experience him in his full glory.

This vision kind of established the message that I have included in my earlier blog post wherein I have stressed on a ‘consciousness connection’ with Mohanji more than a physical one. Even though physically I was not there, consciously I was ever present there with Guruji 🙂 . And so may be the case with many entities or people who are connected in consciousness. But maybe as they are not writing blogs like me hence are not so visible. They may be/are with Mohanji all the time. And may not need money or visa to be with guruji. No offence to those who went to Kailash. But truth is truth mates will have to tell 🙂  .

This vision was a confirmation of the message which was a straightforward and a blunt one that I earlier posted.

So, those who were not able to go to Kailash need not be disheartened or start questioning their elligibilty. One only needs ‘bhakti bhaav’ to go anywhere with Guruji. A consciousness connection so to say.

What is the eligibility to go anywhere with Guruji?
I shall Quote him on this. Before embarking upon this journey to Kailash. Mohanji was asked the same question
he said,
“Eligibility for Kailas pilgrimage? If you have faith bigger and taller than Mount Kailas, if your conviction is wider than the dimensions of Manasarovar, if you have zero pretensions, if your surrender to the Lord is absolute, there are no further eligibility criteria. Grace is all you need and faith is the key to ensure grace. This journey is tough. It will test your mettle, your faith, your conviction and commitment to the path of liberation. This is the ultimate pilgrimage! Hence, grace is inevitable, more essential than oxygen. When you face adversities with faith and surrender, the journey will be smooth and enjoyable. When you approach it with expectations and doubts, you will only encounter problems and difficulties. We can decide to go to Kailas. But, unless the Lord permits, we cannot make it. Hence, faith, conviction, silence, prayers, surrender and observation are essential. Kailas has to be experienced, felt, witnessed, and not “seen”. Kailas represents the ultimate aspiration of mankind. Kailas is the ultimate destination. Kailas is Shiva, the state that you are coming from, but forgot as you lived. Shiva is the state that mankind aspires for. This is a journey to the state of our aspiration. This is a journey to the state of Shiva, the consciousness of Shiva, the supreme consciousness. Do not take this trip to “see”. Take this trip to be aware, to feel, to melt. Prepare yourself by increasing your conviction and determination to weather any storms and obstacles. Detach yourself from expectations. Surrender to Shiva and request His support. Be Shiva and you will merge with Kailas spontaneously. Shiva and Kailas are ONE. Silence… Peace… Silence… Peace.. Silence… Peace…”

Faith Bigger and taller than Mount Kailash - M
Faith Bigger and taller than Mount Kailash – M

Those who were with Mohanji in Kailash should ask these questions to themselves. What are they really aspiring for? ‘Shiva’ or anything other than that?. If the answer is ‘Shiva’ than the journey was well made. The indicator being -: Transformative experiences. If not it was a total waste and a sight seeing journey to say the least.

I already have said enough in my previous blogpost about Stature of Mohanji and also delivered a message. I don’t see any further need to elongate the message. Because, those who can understand will do and those blinded with their ‘bloated egos’  will not, no matter how long a write-up I do 🙂 .

Hence, I conclude this short, simple to the point write-up hoping that it serves the purpose it is aimed at.

Thank you for bearing with me…

Jai Shree Mohanji… _/\_

Sashtang Dandwat at his lotus feet…

Love Always ❤ ❤ ❤