Appearance of Hanumanji on Guruji’s eye card

Sashtang Dandwat at the lotus feet of our beloved guruji….

During my spiritual quest of understanding the existence. I stumbled upon a blog of Mohanji.Instantly, I connected to his teachings of unconditional love and his  profound understandings of the existence. My path of spiritual sojourn found a name ‘the path of pathlessness’ and my experiences a ‘voice’. I devoured up each and every post of his blog and then moved on to the experience sharing blog which unmasked the doings of this great ‘Master’. The manifestation of various deities in his presence,the after effects of shaktipath and the blogs screamed that he was not an ordinary spiritual teacher.

Connecting these dots, I started to yearn for a meeting with him. I heard that Mohanji was going to conduct a POP meditation in Delhi. Since, I am an engineering student based in Greater Noida coming to Delhi was not much of a difficulty especially when you are going to meet the ‘Parabrahma’!! So I started off reached the meditation center and did the meditation in his presence. The meditation sure was powerful but I didn’t had any metaphysical experiences like some of the others who later shared their experiences. When I closed my eyes it was pitch dark from  start to the end!!

Anyways, while coming out of the meditation center I was given an ‘eye card’ of Mohanji. So I took the eye card, returned back and placed it in my pooja altar. Next day when i started to begin my worship of Lord Hanuman. My eyes fell on the eye card and I noticed something.

Appearance of Hanumanji on Mohanji's eye card1x1
Shape-formation on the third eye.

There was a formation of a figure like Hanumanji on the third eye of Mohanji. Since I already did take a good look at the card a day before,there was no way that I wouldn’t have noticed this figure. A figure very dear to me. I have always craved for the ‘live darshan’ of Hanumanji. This ‘miracle’ was nothing sort of a wish fulfilled. More than a ‘miracle’ it was a message. Now I knew where my dear Hanumanji lives and in order to connect to him, experience him, the bridge was ‘Mohanji’. Tears started to flow from my eyes at this ‘kripa’.

Hanumanji is one of the greatest devotees the world has ever seen. He was the eyes and ears of Rama. He took birth for Rama, lived for Rama and still exists for Rama.-Mohanji

Hanumanji has being my guru since childhood. So I was hesitant in accepting ‘Mohanji’ as my immediate guru. This simple formation gave me a way to connect with Hanumanji and Mohanji simultaneously through a card. Now I could connect to the eyes of Mohanji without feeling guilty of a ‘misplaced devotion’. A simple formation of a figure said more, than words ever could.

This ‘miracle’ satisfied my urge to witness his stature which I could not during the meditation.
In the words of Mohanji “There are many paths to reach God. And Guru is the guiding light. There are many types of people too. Everyone has his or her own style and approach towards any situation.”

For my individual constitution, bhakti was the path and maybe that’s why I was not able to experience anything in a different path(path of meditation). Guru as the guiding light made me aware of this which strengthened my conviction on walking my individual path.

With this experience my bhakti towards him started to take root. And in the coming days many more ‘miracles’, understandings and revelations about him and his levels of operation further increased my surrender and devotion in him.

Following shall be my astral visions of him and their subsequent meanings which elevated my consciousness level. And instilled in me though limited, but a profound  knowing  of his ‘State of Parabrahma’.

**Though this same experience i have shared for the ‘experience sharing book’ due for publication. I still wanted to include this experience and associated understanding. After this experience now whenever i look at any other ‘eye card’ of guruji . I see the same shape formation on his third eye. Questioning him on facebook about the relevance of this happening,he answered and I quote, “Same consciousness. This body is called Mohanji. That body is called Hanumanji.” 

The statement pretty much sums up his ‘state’ in a sentence. The consciousness of both these ‘parabrahmas’ is the same 🙂 . Only the earthly expression of this consciousness that is the ‘form’ is different. But then again realisation or the experience of this statement is what sprituality is !! In my understanding, the objective of our path is this statement. Our journey is for ‘total nullification’ . The destination is ‘liberation’. May we all achieve it.

In the end ..Happy journey 🙂 !!


4 thoughts on “Appearance of Hanumanji on Guruji’s eye card

  1. Smriti Arora March 7, 2014 / 8:09 am

    “Same consciousness. This body is called Mohanji. That body is called Hanumanji.” Absolutely power-packed! 🙂 Thank you Ayush for sharing this! Love and Gratitude.


    • ayushdixit March 9, 2014 / 7:12 pm

      Thank you Smrirti ji 😀 …Glad that you like it !! Shall try to share my experiences on a weekly basis..Stay tuned 🙂 ..


  2. Shashank March 7, 2014 / 1:28 pm

    Dear Ayush, amazing experience. Mohanji’s eye card is cosmos manifestation and the eyes are the gateway to the consciousness. Having witnessed this, you are a blessed soul.

    Love you brother


    • ayushdixit March 9, 2014 / 7:14 pm

      “Mohanji’s eye card is cosmos manifestation and the eyes are the gateway to the consciousness.” Very well put Shashank bhaiya !! Indeed it is. At least from my experience…
      Love you 2 🙂 …


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